Halo MCC Maps/Gamemodes

Halo Games

These Halo Custom Games Megapacks can be found directly on HaloCustoms. Credit goes to Jebus. All information and instructions can be found within links.

Halo Reach Customs Megapack.

Halo 4 Customs Megapack.

Halo 3 Customs Megapack.

Halo 2 Customs Megapack.

Map Categories

BTB: Big Team Battle

INF: Infection

Maps built for infection. Includes linear maps (sequenced levels), roaming/holdout maps (open maps where you choose where to hold out) driving maps, etc. Any map that uses an infection gametype and doesn't deviate heavily from normal infection (like minigames) have this tag.

MINI: Minigame

Maps built for various minigames. This includes anything from Halo on Halo to Duck Hunt to Ice Cream Man to Dodgeball.

MISC: Miscellaneous

Maps that are either hard to categorize or very unique in how they play. It includes roleplaying games like Cops and Robbers and Teacher. It also includes maps that are competitive, yet deviate too much from core gameplay to be put in other categories.

OBJ: Objective

OBST: Puzzle/Parkour

RACE: Race

RACE BT: BattleTracks

SLYR: Slayer